Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from 2-22-11,, DJ Bizzon & Kid Cut Up

This week was just a normal week for old DJ Bizzon and Kid Cut Up. We tried to play some jams we haven't heard in a while and some good new stuff. Check out the Archives!!!

Scritti Politti - Tinsletown
Public Enemy - Fight The Power
Public Enemy - Black Steel
Trinity - The Bronx

Illvibe Collective - Authentic Raw
J Live - Hush The Crows
De La Soul - Dog Eat Dog
Kurious - Im Kurious

Blueprint - Radioinactive
Aceyalone - Moonlite Skies
Brother Ali - Champion Sound Remix
Supastition - Hate My Face

Slaughterhouse - Back On The Scene
Demigods - Dont You Even Go There
1773 - Its On Again Remix
Joell Ortiz - So Hard
Mac Miller - Knock Knock
Common - Reminding Me Of Sef
MC Lyte - Cold Rock A Party

Warwalk - Mighty Undergrounds
Madvillian - Money Folder
Outkast Crumblin Erb
Ice Cube - Who's The Mack
Lost Boys - Get Up
KRS One - Why Is That
Digable Planets - Where Im From Remix

De La Soul - Reutn of DST
Trinity - The Bronx
Kanye West - Gorgeous
MC Breed - Gotta Get Mine
Roots - Rising Up
Non Prophets - Damage
Eminem - Syllables

Souls Of Mischief - Live and Let Live
Double XX Posse - Money Talks
Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin
7L & Esoteric - Speakin Real Words
3X Dope - Original Stylin
3rd Bass - Gas Face

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from Feb 15, 2011, TRUE SKOOL is in the building!!!

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!! ok... What up everybody. Now that you got all that love out ya system, we can get back to some music. We had a special guest, our friend Sarah from TRUE Skool. If you don't know, TRUE Skool is Milwaukee's only organization focused around hip hop to provide positive outlets for youths to express themselves and help the community. Listen to the second hour of the show for the interview and what True Skool is doing in the community.

Mad Kids Radio Show Archive

Check out True Skool HERE. Click NOW!!

Yeah, we also played some music too... Here is the playlist

Desire - Pharaoh Monch
Future Shock - Sims
Too Much - Sims
Good Times - Sims
Everything Must Go - El P
Brick City Kids - Brick City Kids

Wrong Side of the Tracks - Artifacts
Authentic Raw - Illvibe Collective
The Ones - Talib Kweli
Da Joint - EPMD
RadioInactive - Blueprint
Gods Work - Murs

Many Styles - Zion I
Keep Bouncing - Blueprint
Hell of a Life - Kanye West
Shut It Down - Black Milk
If You Huh You Can Here - Mos Def
The Bizness - De La Soul  
So Hard - Joell Ortiz
Fresh Kicks - Murs

Barter System - Big Quarters
Suicide - Redman
Suckas Need Bodyguards - Gangstarr
Know the Ledge - Eric B and Rakim
Come Clean - Jeru Da Damaja
Times Up - OC
Movement Music - Malcolm and Martin
Renegade - Jay Z

Stress Remix - Organized Confusion
Ebonics Remix - Big L
5 0'clock - NonChalant
Acid Raindrops - People Under The Stairs
Slow Down - Fat Joe
The Philosophy of Horror - Jedi Mind Tricks
Fame - Gza
U Black Maybe - Common

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from 02-08-2011... Freezing cold and Dilla... DJ Bizzon and Kid Cut Up

Kid Cut Up is back from his trip... too bad it's freezing cold. Shoutout to the pack for winning the superbowl. And since this is the week of J Dilla's birth and death, we played some tracks for him. I'll let the music speak for itself...

Mad Kids Radio Show Archive

Radio Inactive - Blueprint

Back on the Scene - Slaughterhouse
So Hard - Joell Oritz
Anyman - Eminem
Authentic Raw - Illvibe Collective
Fresh Kids - Murs ft. Terrance Martin
Nightcrawler - Living Legends ft. Slug
Roll Up - Wiz Khalifah

Burn It Down - Sims
Green and Yellow - Prophetic ft Pizzle
Keep Bouncing - Blueprint
Gangland Rookie - Snoop Dogg
Its Goin Down - Blackalicious

Down For The Count - Talib Kweli
Syllables - Eminem

Make Em NV - J Dilla
Forever Begins - Common
Move - J Dilla
A Day With The Homies - 1st Down
Fuck the Police - J Dilla
The Question - J Dilla
Raise It Up - Slum Village

Something To Mean Something - Pharcyde
Much More - De La Soul
Enjoy Da Ride - Busta Rhymes
Find A Way - A Tribe Called Quest
We Ef'd Up - J Dilla
Get Dis Money - Slum Village
Fall In Love - Slum Village
Love - J Dilla

Supa Star Remix - Group Home
Know The Ledge - Eric B and Rakim
Nobody Beats The Biz - Biz Markie
Nas Is Like - Nas
I Got It Made - Special Ed
Black Cop - KRS One
93 Til Remix - Souls of Mischief

Hell of a Life - Kanye West
Never Gonna Change - Freeway
Ballad of the Black Gold - Reflection Eternal
Brenda Got A Baby - 2Pac
Moment Of Truth - Gangstarr
Smile - Eyedea and Abilities

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from 02-01-2011 and DJ Bizzon holds it down as Iceman reigns

What up errbody? While Kid Cut Up was out of town, DJ Bizzon held it down while the snow in Milwaukee picked up. Yeah, don't mind Bizzon's comments about the snow early in the show. They were general comments about snow, NOT comments about the snow hell we got, lol. Iceman, I'm sorry.

Mad Kids Radio Show Archive

The Roots - Right On
J Live - No Time To Waste
Eminem - Syllables
Keith Murray - Get Lifted
Slaughterhouse - Back On The Scene
Illvibe Collective - Authentic Raw

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- TROY Remix
Big Boi - For Yo Sorrows
Large Professor - Hardcore Hip Hop

Jeru The Damaja - Me Or The Papes
Talib Kweli - Im on One
Jedi Mind Tricks - Man Made

Organized Konfusion - Stress Remix
Group Home - Livin Proof
Downtown Science - Room To Breathe
A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
KRS One - Im Still Number 1

Outkast - Art Of Story Tellin Part 1
Wu Tang Clan - Gravel Pit
Frankie Flowers - Koolness
Blueprint - Radio Inactive
Aesop Rock - Radio Inactive
Kidz In The Hall - Driving Down The Block
Black Moon - I Got Cha Open Remix
Freestyle Fellowship - On This Earth

Jaylib - The Red
Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah
Gang Starr - Take A Rest
Black Milk - Deadly Medley
Scarface ft 2pac - Smile
Atmosphere - Puppets

KMD - Whataniggyknow
Torae - Point Of View
Nonchalant - 5 O Clock
Common - Reminding Me Of Self
Bush Babees - The Love Song Remix
King Hell Bastard - Danger
Mos Def - Auditorium

Tuesday, February 1, 2011