Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dr Dre Video Mix by Traumahouse. Dopeness

Ok, so as I mentioned before, the homies from Traumahouse put together this dope ass Dr Dre video mix, check this out right now!!!


Joe Wray is coming back for his second set down at BYO!!! If you missed the first one, man... you missed it.

Come on thru and check him build songs live, sing original tunes and some covers you love. Bring some favorite songs and he'll do them live!!!

And don't forget about Field Lehmann doing live art, painting the scene and whatever comes to his mind. I still don't believe he's doing this live AS IM WATCHING IT LIVE!


I'll be on the music mixin the funk and Ken is serving up the drink. $5 COCKTAILS ALL NIGHT FOR THE LADIES.

Come enjoy a Wedding Singer: Raspberries and Almond with a hint of lime or a Pera: Pear and St. Germain with a pressed Cucumber
or my favorite a Raspberry Fields: Raspberry, Pressed Mint, Orange

Mad Kids Playlist from 04-26-2011. Mad Kids and Big Once and ANTE UP SUCKAS!!!

What Up Errbody? It's that time of year again. It's the WMSE Spring Pledge Drive. We do this twice a year so we can get the funding we need to keep the station going. It's powered by you alone, so if you wanna keep it going, come up out them pockets... Call 414-799-1917 or donate online at!

So our theme was rappers who passed away because if you don't support, our show will be gone, like them so check out the playlist.

We had the homie Big Once in the studio talking about the Redbull Thre3style battle that he will be competing in Thursday in Chicago. It's a new style of DJ Battle so inform yourself about it. And make sure you listen good to the show because we had a DOPE Dr Dre mix from the homies Professor Problems & Dr Plot. Phreshness at it's best.

Mad Kids Show Archive


MOP - Ante Up
MC Breed - Aint No Future In Yo Frontin
Big L - Size Em Up
Notorious BIG - Party and Bullshit
ODB - Brooklyn Zoo Remix
Apache - Gangsta Bitch
KMD - Nitty Gritty
Screwball - Hostyle

Jaylib - McNasty Flith
Gang Starr - Playtawin
2Pac - California Love
Big Pun - You Came Up

Professor Problems & Dr Plot - Dre Mix
BDP - Criminal Minded
2Pac - Live and Die In LA
MF Doom - Ho Cakes
Eyedea and Abilities - Now
Gang Starr - Mass Appeal
Lost Boys - Whats Wrong

Beatnuts - Off The Books
Camu Tao - Hold The Floor
Big L - Put It On
Oh No - Move
Eazy E - Eazier Said Than Dun
Notorious BIG - The What
Big Pun - Twinz

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from 04-19-2011. RIP Guru....

So, I don't wanna say too much because I want the show to speak for itself. As we gear up for the spring fund drive which starts next week, will we always be reminded of who we lost this time of year... Keith Elam aka Guru of Gang Starr.... one of our favorite rappers. Please learn more about him, his life and what he and Premier did for rap music. Check out the archive for the tribute to him... Thanks yall.

Mad Kids Radio Show Archive


Clap - Pharoah Monch

Who Ill Never Be - Atmosphere
Shes Enough - Atmosphere
MIllenium Dodo - Atmosphere

Slapp - Stalley
Somehow, Someway - Organized Konfusion
Back on the Scene - SlaughterHouse
So Hard - Joelle Ortiz
Protect Ya Neck - Wu Tang
Drop It On The 1 - Zion I

Lets Get It On - Smif 'n' Wesson
Respiration - BlackStarr
I Believe - King Hell Bastard

Now You're Mine - Gangstarr
Code Of The Streets - Gangstarr
Ex Girl To Next Girl - Gangstarr
JFK 2 LAX - Gangstarr
The Natural -Gangstarr
Above The Cloud - Gangstarr

Words I Manifest - Gangstarr
Work - Gangstarr
What Im Here For - Gangstarr
Capture (Militia 3)- Gangstarr
Militia Remix - Gangstarr
PlayTaWin - Gangstarr
Full Clip - Gangstarr

Above The Clouds -  Gangstarr
LifeSaver - Gangstarr
Step Into the Arena - Gangstarr
DYWCK - Gangstarr
Skills - Gangstarr
Lounging - Gangstarr
Moment of Truth - Gangstarr
The Owners - Gangstarr

Props Over Here - Beatnuts 
Renegade - Jay Z
American Rapstar - Big Krit
Fall In Love - Slum Village 
We Major - Kanye West
Words I Never Said - Lupe Fiasco

The Weekend Playlist

Check out the Weekend Playlist for where you need to be this weekend!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's Gallery Season peoples!!! Some homies of mine have been working extra hard over the past months to put together showcases of their life through art, and let me tell you, it's DOPE!!! This weekend is gallery night weekend where so many artists bring out their best work to show you the talent and creativity they have and we gotta go check them out. Here are 4 that I know about and I'm sure there are more. So inform yourself, check out their work, friend them on facebook or just stop thru. So much talent around you and all you gotta do is check it out!!!

Kenilworth Open Studios

Experience three hours and five floors of art exhibitions, film screenings, music, theatre and dance performances, demonstrations and hands-on activities for all ages.

Kenilworth Square East
Saturday April 16th, 11am-2pm
1925 E. Kenilworth Pl.
Milwaukee, WI

Hide House Gallery Night with Elias Vallejo

Morgan Asgard
Jimbot Demski
Michelle Hatfield
Brandy Lawrence
Alisa Strautmanis
Elias Vallejo
Stevan Augustin
Annie J Pearce

Live music by: The Carlos Adames Trio
Live art by: Elias Vallejo

Hide House
Friday, April 15 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm
2625 S Greeley street
Milwaukee, WI

2011 Thesis Exhibition with Jasmine Barmore

She has created a series of original art work to celebrate all the seasons in a woman's life. This series is also a self-reflection piece to her own growth and change within my her life. For all of those who can not make it on the opening night, the show will be up for the next couple of weeks, at least until MAY 1st, from 2pm-5pm, Monday - Friday.

MIAD - The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Friday, April 15 · 4:00pm - 9:00pm
273 East Erie Street
Milwaukee, WI

Gallery Night with Fred Kaems
Gallery night Friday 5-9:30pm, Saturday 11am-2pm. New work from Fred and the others in the studio Lindsay Marx, Sean Bodley, Mark Gray, and Ryan Woolgar

420b S 1st (1st and Florida)
Friday, April 15 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Milwaukee, WI


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from 04-12-2011. Mad Kids preivew some new ish!!!

What Up Errbody? While Kid Cut Up was doing his thing out in Madison, Bizzon held the show down solo. Blueprint's new album just came out so we previewed that. Had a good amount of requests so we got into those. And the rest of the show was just some good ish. Stay tuned next week for the Guru tribute... It's already been a year since we lost Bizzon's favorite MC... damn man....

Mad Kids Radio Show Archive


Onyx - Last Dayz
Blueprint - Automatic
Blueprint - Go Hard Or Go Home
Blueprint - My Culture

J Cole - Blow Up
Pharoahe Monch - Clap
Slaughterhouse - Back On The Scene
Stalley - Slapp
Ed OG - Righteous Way

Amad Jamal - Believe
Atmosphere - Just For Show
Jedi Mind Tricks - Uncommon Valor
Public Enemy - Black Steel

Zion I & Grouch - Drop It On The One
Reflection Eternal - Just Begun
NORE - Nutcracker
INI - Fakin Jax
Ed OG - I Got To Have It

OC - Times Up
Ghostface Killah- Biscuits
Illvibe Collective - Authentic Raw
Guru - Lifesaver
The Hollowz - Sow The Seed
Journalists - Lets Get Up
Kanye West - So Appalled

Ludacris - Do Ya Time
Nas -Represent
Outkast - Playas Ball Remix
Souls Of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity
Wu Tang Clan - Take It Back
GZA - Cold World

Scarface ft 2pac - Smile
Notorious BIG - Machine Gun Funk
MF Doom - Potholderz
Casual - Me-O-Mi-O
Heiroglyphics - Let It Roll

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Super rare Nintendo commercial produced by prince paul with voiceovers featuring wu-tang's rza & ole' dirty bastard. Check it...


Monday, April 11, 2011


Come check out Joe Wray KILL it on the guitar as he brings the heat on the guitar. He's got you on the beatboxin', beat makin', guitar strummin, singing, rapping and funk bringin' all night. DJ Bizzon will be droppin' the music to make you groove as he always does.

Ladies night will be in effect as usual, $5 Cocktails for ladies all night. Only original cocktails are served so you can't get this anywhere else, along with this good music and live performance. This Thursday, April 14th, @ BYO Studio Lounge on 2246 S KK


Carnage Worth The Wait Album Release Party @ Miramar (April 6, 2011)

So I wanna let this clip of Carnage do most of the talking to explain how dope this show was. If you don't know about Carnage, get to know him. Currently doing his thing in MN and he stopped thru to Milwaukee to promote the new album Worth The Wait. The man takes beatboxing to a whole nutha level with the use of the sampler on stage to recreate classic and original beats on the spot. The bass that he can create with his mouth not only sounds cool as hell, but it fills in the blanks of the regular beatboxers who usually only get the highs and mids. Alright, just watch the damn video.

Also, the Rusty P's and King Hell Bastard opened the show so check out the pics from the evening as well.


Sound Travels @ The Nomad with Mike Love!!!! (April 10, 2011)

Just to confirm... Mike Love killed it! You need to be at the Nomad on Sunday nights. Check out the photos.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

HS Career Fair @ WCTC (April 01, 2011)

Ok, so yeah I dj a lot of different parties and last week was a Career Fair at WCTC. Shout out to Sarah from True Skool for getting me this gig.

And yeah, they were cupid shufflin' so I had to get some video of them doing it...

Vinyl Only 3 @ The Uptowner (March 29, 2011)

The homies Venus and Jank, Him and Her, Jessica and Damon has the third installment of the Vinyl Only night at the Uptowner. Guests this time were J-Bhar, Kid Millions, JDL and DMT. Ecko was on the hosting duties. Make sure you look thru the photos to spot the hypest guy in the party feeding off the sound of the speakers.

Some cool moments were J-Bhar busting out some nasty ass samples... DMT rockin some classics and JDL pissing everybody off by playing his records like he had serato... one day man... one day...

Sound Travels @ The Nomad with ERRBODY!!!! (March 27, 2011)

Ummm so yeah... you gotta see the photos from this night at the Nomad... Everybody and I mean everybody came out this night. All the old school DJs were in the building. I wont even say much, so please let the photos speak for themself. Mad Love to the homie Doc B. Stay strong and we glad you are back home.

Dope Folks Album Release with KHB and A-Biz (March 26, 2011)

Dope Folks came thru with some more classic hip hop. This time they had KHB and A-Biz come thru and bust some performances. Great night and great photos from Jank.

4321 Party @ The Riverhorse w/ JDL, Fox and DMT (March 26, 2011)

A few photos from Jank at the 4321 Party down at the Riverhorse a few Saturdays ago... Thanks homie


DJ Rectangle @ The Miramar (March 24, 2011)

We all know who DJ rectangle is... If you don't, Learn. Either way, he was here @ The Miramar for a 2 night show. This was from the first night where he performed a set... Play cousin Jank was kind enough to take some solid photos to capture the night. Dope. Check out more of his photos at his blog here.


Speak Easy Album Release Party @ Cactus Club (March 19, 2011)

So, Speak Easy decided to have an album release at the best sounding club in Milwaukee, the Cactus Club. First step in a dope album release party.  Step 2: Have the album ready to go on iTunes. Step 3: Have the band camp page with all the info on it. Now that all the pre work has been set. Have a lineup that will kill it... Frankie Flowers, The Hollowz and Raze. Ok Done. They all have released dope albums recently to serious acclaim. Now it's just time to perform. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Jank himself took these photos. Make sure you check out his blog for more goodness


WMSE & Hot Pop Hip Hop Series with AUTOMATIC & The Rusty P's (March 18, 2011)

So, WMSE and Hot Pop were at it again with their Hip Hop Series. This time AUTOMATIC and the Rusty P's were the headliners and they did some good headlinin'. Man if you love some good hip hop, you cant deny what AUTOMATIC and the Rusty P's bring to the table.

And check out the video of AUTOMATIC performing with Raze and JDL on the wheelz of steel. They did my favorite song!!! These dudes are my favorites in the Milwaukee scene right now. Lyricism and Production, Creativity... what else do you need?


Sound Travels with Marcus, Kid Cut Up and DMT (March 13, 2011)

This week @ Sound Travels, we had first timer Kid Cut Up come thru and bust out some breaks and remixes. It was good to her Cut Up outside of the club vibe and bust some other remixes we aint heard in a minute. Marcus brought the funk as usual and DMT rocked it. It was a fun night of different but equal vibes. Dont miss the next one... Sundays @ The Nomad Peoples!!!

Sound Travels with JDL and Old Man Malcolm (Feb 27, 2011)

Here's a few photos from when JDL and Malcolm rocked it at the Nomad for Sound Travels

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dope Folks Release Party @ Stonefly w/ AUTOMATIC and Courageous Chief (Feb 26, 2011)

Dope Folks was at it again with the Courageous Chief Release Party at Stonefly. This time AUTOMATIC performed with Raze and JDL on the wheelz of steel. Tons of photos below.

And the record they released was Courageous Chief. Check out the track, No Feedback for the dopeness and a little taste of what you can hear... This beat is BANANAS!!!

A solid review of this album is HERE at Werner von Wallenrod's Blog. Read it. Check it. Love it...

Check out for more info about Dope folks and the upcoming album releases



Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Mad Kids Playlist from 04-05-2011. Mad Kids Anniversary & Bombitty!!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EVERYBODY!!! It's been 3 years of the Mad Kids on your airwaves and we wanna thak you for listening each and every week!!! We will keep bringing the rap music to yall...

Also, we had Michael O'Brian from the cast of Bombitty Of Errors talking about the play that is going on at the rep. Check it out here. Check out general information about the rep and what they are doing here. The interview and past shows are on the archives so take a listen and see what all the fuss is about

Mad Kids Radio Show Archive


work the angles - dilated peoples
this is miltown - j todd
independent - dna
88 - dana coppa
how do we survive - adi
nike boots - wale
geek to the beat - zion i

rock ya shoulders - record kings
shake this - royce
royal flush - outkast
we fed up - j dilla
the dj - krs one and dj revolution
the 900# (2k8) - pase rock
dont touch me - busta rhymes

exhibit c - jay electronica
death of autotune - jay z
lil young - ed og and masta ace
on the grind - sose
nuff fire - abstract rude
ice cold - speak easy
coup for the kings - doom tree
reality check - j dilla
victim to the beat - kid millions

nut cracker - nore
crown of thorns - rakaa
radio inactive - blueprint
shutterbug - big boi
authentic raw - illvibe collective
syllables - eminem
so appalled - kanye

back on the scene - slaughter house
welcome to the show - raze
doin it again - roots
undivided attention - j live
mind playing tricks - geto boys
aint no dj - big boi