Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from June 28th! Better jokes today...

What Up errbody? Today I think we had some good jokes so check out the archives and take a listen and enjoy. Here is the playlist in case you missed a jam.


Nas - Nasty
Stalley - Slapp
Atmosphere - She's Enough
Vast Aire - Thors Hammer
Pharoahe Monch - Love

Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God
Raekwon - Butter Knifes
Dana Coppa - 88
Lupe Fiasco - All Black Everything
Eminem - Syllables

Talib Kweli - Cold Rain
Ed OG - Fast Lane
Ghostface - In The Park
Scarface ft 2Pac - Smile

Big Boi - Knowing
Roots - The Fire
Notorious BIG - Party and Bullshit
Blueprint - Keep Bouncing
Zion I - Hit Em
Bad Meets Evil - Writers Block

Beatnuts - Its Da Nuts
Group Home - Living Proof
Jus Allah - Reign Of The Lord
Mos Def - Mathematics
High and Mighty - Tonights The Night
Kanye West - So Appalled

Mac Lethal - Make Out Bandit
Adeem - Meet Death with A Handshake
J Todd - All The Critics
J Dilla - Wild
CNN - Invincible
LL Cool J - Booming System
Automatic - HB's

Murs - Can It Be
Nek The Exotic - Still On The Hustle
GZA - Cold World
De La Soul - Stakes Is High Remix
J Live - Hush The Crowd
Akrobatik - Say Yes Say Word
Chiddy Bang - All Things Go

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from June 21th! TRUE Skool is in the house!

This week our good friend Sarah from TRUE Skool came thru to talk about what's new with TRUE Skool and the House Party coming up this Friday at Wherehouse. Yeah, we played some music too. Check it out.


Mad Kids Radio Show Archive




Rock Co Kane Flow - De La Soul

Nasty - Nas

Meet Death With A Handshake - Adeem

Still On The Hustle - Neek The Exotic


Donald Trump - Mac Miller

20 In - Trinity

Nuff Fire - Abstract Rude

2nd Time Around - Wale Brother Ali

Swing - Camp Lo

I Just Want The Paper - Bigz


Thats Hard - Pete Rock

So Hard - Joell Ortiz

All the Critics - J Todd

Dont Play No Games Remix - Beastie Boys 

Take It Back - Skillz


Dog Eat Dog - De La Soul

Swamp Water - Swollen Members

Brotherly Love - Murs

Ladies Know - Big Quarters

Its Goin Down - Blackalicious

Concerto Of The Desperado - Roots

Shake This - Royce 5 9 


My God - Pusha T

Ah Yeah - KRS One

Rich and Black - Raekwon

Back on the Scene - Slaughterhouse

Right Girl Wrong Place - Gangstarr

Juice - Eric B and Rakim


Words I Never Said - Lupe

Respiration - Blackstarr and Common

Diamonds Remix - Kanye West and Jay Z

Just For Show - Atmosphere

Hometown Hero - Big Krit


Keep Bouncing - Blueprint

Mind Playing Tricks - Geto Boys

Elevators - Outkast 

Koolness - Frankie Flowers

Free My Mind - Bums

Success - Fat Joe

Yonkers - Tyler the Creator

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from June 14th! NAS IS BACK!

Ok, go listen and download Nasty from Nas. Calling it now. It's a classic. Done. We played some other songs tonight, but they didn't matter. The track is crazy, the flow is nuts. Nas better make the whole album like this.

Mad Kids Radio Show Archive


Raze - Shine
Nas - Nasty
Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise
Pusha T - My God

Blueprint - Keep Bouncing
Pharoahe Monche - Assassins
Gang Starr - Above The Clouds
Atmosphere - She's Enough

Zion I & The Grouch - Plead The Fifth
Zion I & The Grouch - Drop It On The 1
Blackalicious - Your Move
Lupe Fiasco - All Black Everything

Common - 1999
CRU - Just Another Case
Ugly Duckling - Einstiens on Stage
Big Boi - Aint No DJ
The Roots - The Fire
Eminem - Syllables

Mek The Exotic - Still On The Hustle
Trinity - 20 In
Pete Rock & Smif N Wesson - That's Hard
Vast Aire - Thor's Hammer
J Todd - All The Critics
Square Off - The Pain
MOP - Stick To Ya Gunz

Brother Ali - Us
Adeem - Meet Death With A Handshake
Gorillaz - On My Mind
Gang Starr - Mass Appeal
Marley Marl - Droppin Science
MC Breed - Aint No Future In Yp Frontin
Biz Markie - Nobody Beats The Biz

Nas - Nasty
Adeem - Mean and Evil
Aceyalone - Lost Your Mind
St Paul Slim - Vieo
St Paul Slim - So Focus
Bluepinrt - Radioinactive

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from June 7th!

So we played some rap music and it was cool. Check out the playlist and the archive to listen. yep. rap music.

Massive Attack ft Mos Def - I Against I
J Todd - All The Critics
Beastie Boys - Nonstop Disco Powerpack
Pusha T - My God
Trinity - 20 In
Vast Are ft Raekwon - Thor's Hammer

Wu Tang Clan - Cant It All Be So Simple
GZA - Liquid Swords
Raekwon - Ice Cream
Goodie MoB - Black Ice

Main Source - Live At The Barbeque
Joell Ortiz - Ohh
Black Milk - Shut It Down

LL Cool J - Im Bad
J Live - Hush The Crowd
Atmosphere - Modern Man's Hustle
Group Home - Supa Star

Zion I & Grouch - Drop it On The 1
Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly
Onyx - Last Dayz
Ghostface Killah - In The Park
Big Pun and Fat Joe - Twinz
Big Krit - Hometown Hero
Stalley - Slapp

Gang Starr - Suckas Need Bodygaurds
Heather B - If Heads Only Knew
Heiroglyphics - The Who
Ed OG - I Got To Have It
Doomtree - Down The Line
Lady Of Rage - Afropuffs
Das Efx - Microphone Master

Common - They Say
Little Brother - Not Enough
INI - Fakin Jax
Hollowz - Sow The Seed
Mighty Underdogs - Laughing At You
Lupe Fiasco - Gold Watch
Tyler The Creator - Goblin

Saturday, June 4, 2011

DMT Pause Tape Mix!

So the homie DMT came thru to the Mad Kids Show with a Pause tape mix last Tuesday. Wondering what this is? Yeah, back before laptops and recording software, to make a mix, a DJ had to do some serious work. A DJ would connect the turntables up to their radio, line up each record and the tape and record each piece one at a time. If you want to layer it, you'd have to time it right and layer each peice over that. Make a mistake and start all over.

But now, luckily its 2011 and we do have music software so DMT re did it with even more flavor to it. Check it out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mad Kids Playlist from May 31st! DMT Comes Thru With A New Mix!!!

This week we had the ultimate all-time play uncle homies, DJ DMT and JDL come thru with some phreshness for us. So back in the day, to record a mix, a DJ had to connect their turntables up to the tape deck and pause and play the tape ON TIME with all the tracks and edits they wanted on it. If they messed up, they had to do it all over again.

Well luckily for us DMT remembered one of his first mixes and recreated it with JDL. He brought it down and yeah, it's dope. Check it out along with his and JDL's DJ sets. They are always welcome on the show and we are glad to have em.

Mad Kids Radio Show Archive


Atmosphere - My Notes

Adebisi - Youre The Man
Adebisi - Closer
Blueprint - Radioinactive
Medina Green - Crosstown Beef

Mama Mystique - Tremendous
Zion I - Temperature Remix
Black Milk - Give The Drummer Some
Nas - Nas Is Like

Joell Ortiz - Oh
Murs - Varsity Blues 2
Beastie Boys - Too Many Rappers
Beatnuts - Reign Of The Tech
Del - At The Helm

DJ DMT - Pause Tape Mix

Gil Scott Heron - Winter In America
Roddy Rod - Take N Stride
Black Poet - Aint Nothing Changed
Camp Lo - Black Hollywoods
J Rawls and Diamond D - Best Producer On The Mic
Black Thought and Rakim - In The Ghetto
Elzhi - Colors
Ghostface Killah - How You Like Me Baby
J Live - Be No Slave
MC Paul Barman - Props

Erick Sermon - Bomb Diggy
Talib Kweli - Move Something
Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst
Bush Babees - Gravity
Mos Def - If You Can Huh
Mos Def - Body Rock

Keith Murray - Most Beautifulist Thing in The World
Pete Rock - Anger in The Nation
King Tee - Cold Rock Stuff
King Tee - Just Clownin
A Tribe Called Quest - Buggin Out

Mos Def - Universal Magnetic
Jigmastas - Dont Get It Twisted
GZA - Labels
War - Low Rider
Mr Fantastic - All The Critics
EPMD - Funky Piano
Public Enemy - Cant Truss It
Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise
Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said