Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mad Kids Show Playlist from February 14th. Screw Love, JDL and DMT come kill the airwaves

Yeah, I played Fall In Love and Happy Valentine's Day but we rap. Well, others do and I just play it. JDL and DMT came thru and killed it like always. I really didn't know how many songs you could fit in three hours, but they both reached the limit.

LISTEN to Mad Kids Radio Show from February 14th


Slum Village - Fall In Love
DJ Shadow - Stay The Course
Pusha T - Trouble On My Mind
Zion I - Drop it On The One
Slick Rick - Need Some Bad

Andre 3000 - Happy Valentine's Day
Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip Hop
Brother Ali - Writers Block
Black Opera - Thrill

Lateef The Truthspeaker - Let's Get Up
The Roots - make My
Torae - For The Record
Nas - Revolutionary Warfare
KRS One - Just Like That

De La Soul - Impossible intro
KRS One - 5%
Bumpy Knuckles - We Are At War
J Dilla - Take It Back
CNN - Calm Down
Gza - Publicity
Automatic - The Do Do
Skinny Boys - Jock Box
The Fearless Four - Rockin it
George Duke - The Dukey Stick

DOC - DOC & The Doctor
Stetsasonic - On Fire
Erykah Badu - Bag Lady Remix
UTFO - You COld Wanna Be With Me
BDP - Part Time Suckas
LL Cool J - Candy
Main Source - Hangin Out
Common - 1999
Gang Starr - Above The Cloudz
Jay Z - Thank You
OC - Far From Yours
DOC - Let The Bass Go
LL Cool J - Breakthrough
Mos Def - Life In Marvelous Times
Redman - Bob Your Head To This
Pharcyde - Passin Me By

King Tee - St Ives Commercial
Mantronix - Needle To The Groove
Giant Panda - The 90's
Steezo - Gettin Paid
Just Ice - Cold Gettin Done
Isley Brothers - Take Inventory
A Tribe Called Quest - Pubic Hair
Globe and Wiz Kid - Play That Beat
Big L - Holdin It Down
KRS One - MCs Act Like They Dont Know
Joell Ortiz - MCs Act Like They Dont Know
Metaphor - Place Ya Bets
Acoltyes - Solar Power

D Nice - They Call Me D Nice
A Tribe Called Quest - The Pressure
Biz Markie - Cool V Tribute
KRS One - We In There
DOC - No One Can Do It Better
Gnag Starr - Check The Technique
King Tee - Cold Rock Stuff
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Soul Brotha #1
True Mathmematics - After Dark
Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
Harmonic 33 - Diodes
Jaz - Hawaiian Sophie
ODB - Shimmy Ya
X Clan - Grand Verbalizer
LOTU - Funky Child
Disco 4 - Stomp Stomp Clap
Kurtis Blow - Tough
Pumpkin - King Of The Beat
Kurtis Blow - Tough
Dimple D - Sucka DJ

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