Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mad Kids Radio Playlist from May 15th New Albums and DJ Musko brings some heat!

We were lucky enough to have DJ Musko FINALLY come through and do a set so you gotta listen in for that. We previewed 6 new albums, with 4 more coming next week. And we had a few decent jokes. What else do you need? Check it.

Mad Kids Show from May 15th


Wu Tang - Triumph
Rashad & Confidence - The City
Rashad & Confidence - Brand New
Rashad & Confidence - The Break Up Song
OC & Apollo Brown - People's Champ
OC & Apollo Brown - Prove Me Wrong
OC & Apollo Brown - The 1st 48

Bumpy Knuckles - Shake The Room
Bumpy Knuckles - The Life
Bumpy Knuckles - The Key
Redman - Whateva man
MF Doom - One Beer
Common - Black Maybe
Mobb Deep - Throw Ya Hands
Little Brother - Say It Again
Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha
People Under The Stairs - Suite For Beaver
Common - Celebrate
Brother Ali - Ear To Ear
Atmosphere - Sunshine
Mos Def - Life Is Good
Stat Quo - Success
AZ - Sugar Hill
E 40 - Slangin Yayo
Naughty By Naturee - Jamboree
Clipse - Celebrate
NORE - Superthug
De La Soul - The Work
De La Soul - Small Disasters
De La Soul - The Top Chefs
Ab Soul - Soulo Ho3
Ab Soul - Track Two
Ab Soul - Double Standard
Dana Coppa - Hear Me Now
A Tribe Called Quest - The Chase, Part 2
Chuuwee & Sundown - I Remember
Chuuwee & Sundown - You Are
Nas - The Don
I Self Divine - Origin Of The Urban Crisis
Aesop Rock - Zero Dark Thirty
Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe

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