Thursday, March 27, 2014

Playlist from March 25th - Tons of New Music, Great Requests & MC Mikal previews new album MXMW

Got newness from Jay Elec, 50 Cent, Wu Tang, De La, Blu & more. The phone lines were blowing up with great requests all night so keep em coming. Also MC Mikal came thru and talked about his new EP.

Schoolboy Q “Hoover Street” from Oxymoron (2014) (USA)
Jay Electronica “we made it” from we made it (Single)
50 Cent “The Funeral” from The Funeral (Single)
50 Cent “HOLD ON” from Hold On - Single (2014)

Wu tang “Keep Watch” from Keeo Watch (Single)
Large Professor “I juswanna chill” from I juswanna chill (Single)
Little Brother “Hiding Place” from The Minstrel Show (12 Inch, Album, Private, 2005)
Marley Marl “Marley Marl's Scratch” from Marley Marl's Scratch (Single)

De La Soul “Vocabulary Spills” from Vocabulary Spills (Single)
Mos Def “Hip Hop” from Black on Both Sides (CD, Album, Private, 1999)
Lupe Fiasco “Thorns Horns” from Thorns Horns (Single)
Blu “The West” from The West (Single)
Spec Boogie “H.E.R. (She Gon Trip)” from H.E.R. (She gon trip) (Single)

MC Mikal “Wake Up” from Wake Up (Single)
MC Mikal “Protect The Rest” from Protect The Rest (Single)
MC Mikal “Pledge Allegiance” from Pledge Allegiance (Single)
MC Mikal “Banana Split” from Banana Split (Single)

Black Star “Thieves In The Night (Explicit)” from Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star (CD, Album, Private, 2002)
Heather B. “All Glocks Down” from All Glocks Down - Single
Mobb Deep “Give Up the Goods (Just Step)” from Give Up the Goods (Just Step) (Single)
Mos Def “If you can huh you can hey” from If you can huh you can hey (Single)
Eric B. & Rakim “Paid In Full (Mini Madness) (The Coldcut Remix)” from Paid In Full (Mini Madness) (The Coldcut Remix) (Single)

A Tribe Called Quest “The Love” from The Love Movement (12 Inch, Single, Private, 1998)
Redman “SUICIDE” from Suicide (Single)
Mos Def “BODY ROCK” from Body Rock (Single)
D.O.C. “Let The Bass Go” from let the bass go (Single)
Black Star “Twice inna Lifetime” from Twice inna Lifetime (Single)
Kool G Rap “Keep Goin'” from Keep Goin' (Single)

Schoolboy Q “Prescription/Oxymoron” from Oxymoron (Deluxe Version) (2014) (USA)
Heavy D & The Boyz “Big Tyme” from Big Tyme (1989)
Evidence “RED CARPET” from Red Carpet (Single)
Brother Ali “Singing This Song” from Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color (2012, added 10/02/2012)
Killa Mike “Reagan” from Rap Music
Run The Jewels “DDFH” from Run The Jewels (MP3, Album, Other, 2013, added 08/06/2013)

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