Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Playlist from April 1st - AUTOmatic brings some new music & DMT rocks it

AUTOmatic previewed some new music from their upcoming "Mixtape" and Tha DMT spun for the second half of the show. Great times yall.

Listen to the April 1st Show Here


Gang Starr “ROYALTY” from MOMENT OF TRUTH (MP3, Album, Private, 1998)
De La Soul “Who?” from Who? (Single)
De La Soul “Oh Shut Up” from Oh Shut Up (Single)
Bishop Nehru “You Stressin'” from You Stressin' - Single (2014)
Jay Electronica “We Made It” from we made it (Single)

Wu tang “Keep Watch” from Keep Watch (Single)
Spec Boogie “H.E.R. (She Gon Trip)” from H.E.R. (She gon trip) (Single)
Ishdarr “They Lost Me” from They Lost Me - Single (2014)
Isaiah Rashad “SOLILOQUY” from Cilvia Demo (2014)
O.C. “TIMES UP” from TIMES UP (Single)

Pusha T “Numbers On the Boards” from My Name Is My Name (2013)
The Roots “Act Too (The Love of My Life)” from Things Fall Apart (1999)
Screwball “Hostyle” from Hostyle (Single)
Crooklyn Dodgers “Crooklyn Dodgers” from Crooklyn Dodgers (Single)
Jeru Da Damaja “COME CLEAN” from Come Clean (Single)
Atmosphere “BITTER” from Southsiders (Deluxe Version) (2014)

Automatic “The Crush” from The Crush (Single)
Automatic “Hoodies” from Hoodies (Single)
Automatic “Ballad Remix” from Ballad Remix (Single)

Kool G Rap “Keep Goin'” from Keep Goin' (Single)
A Tribe Called Quest “We Got The Jazz” from We Got The Jazz (Single)
The Beastie Boys “Hold It Now, Hit It” from Hold It Now, Hit It (Single)
LL COOL J “JACK THE RIPPER” from All World (1996)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth “Tell me” from Tell me (Single)
Run Dmc “Dumb Girls” from Dumb Girls (Single)
The D.O.C. “Mind Blowin'” from No One Can Do It Better (2005)
A Tribe Called Quest “Buggin' Out” from The Low End Theory (CD, Album, Private, 1991)
De La Soul “Breakadawn” from Breakadawn (Single)
Gang Starr “Step In the Arena” from Step In The Arena (1990)
Mantronix “Join Me Please... (Home Boys - Make Some Noise)” from In Full Effect (1988) (USA)
MC LYTE “Poor Georgie” from Act Like You Know (1991)
O.D.B. “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” from ODB Greatest Hitz - The Last Tape (2011)
Poor Righteous Teachers “Rock Dis Funky Joint” from Rock Dis Funky Joint (Single)
Main Source “Just Hangin' Out” from Breaking Atoms (12 Inch, Single, Private, 1991)

Skillz “'02 Rap Up” from The Rap Up - EP (2009)
UTFO “Ya Cold Wanna B With me” from Ya Cold Wanna B With me (Single)
Jay Z “Dead Presidents II” from Dead Presidents II (Single)
Camp Lo “Luchini Aka This Is It” from Urban's Finest - Rap Classics (2013)
Conscience Daughters “We Roll Deep” from We Roll Deep (Single)
BDP&T “T'cha T'cha” from T'cha T'cha (Single)
Gang Starr featuring Inspectah Deck “Above the Clouds (feat. Inspectah Deck)” from Mass Appeal: The Best of Gang Starr (2006)

O.C. & Yvette Michele “Far From Yours” from Jewelz (1997)
Public Enemy “M.P.E.” from Yo! Bum Rush the Show (1987)
Rodney O & Joe Cooley “Everlasting Bass” from Days of Way Back (1993)
Mos Def “Life In Marvelous Times” from The Ecstatic (2009)
The Pharcyde “Passin' Me By” from Bizarre Ride II (Deluxe Edition) (2012)
Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce “IT's My Beat” from Anthems Hip-Hop 2 - Ministry of Sound (2012)
double X Posse “Not Gonna Be Able To Do It” from Not gonna be able to do it (Single)
NWA “Quiet On The Set” from Quiet on the Set (Single)

MALCOLM MCLAREN “Lookin' Like A Hobo” from Lookin' Like A Hobo (Single)
MALCOLM MCLAREN “World Famous” from World Famous (Single)
Pumpkin “King Of The Beat” from King Of The Beat (Single)
Art of Noise “BEAT BOX” from Into Battle (Deluxe Edition) (2011)
Kraftwerk “Musique Non Stop” from Electric Cafe (LP, EP, Rock, 1986)
Public Enemy “Welcome To The Terrordome” from Fear of a Black Planet (1990)
Herbie Hancock “RockIt” from Future Shock (LP, Album, Jazz)
Kurtis Blow “The Breaks” from The Best of Kurtis Blow (1994)
The Imperial Brothers “LIVE IT UP” from LIVE IT UP (Single)
Nosaer “summertime” from summertime (Single)
Tilt “Arcade Funk” from Arcade Funk (Single)

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